About KTI

Khuphulanani Training Institute is a 100% Black Woman owned and managed business providing corporate training from basic computer orientation to advanced Microsoft Office end-user skills. Initiated in August 2007, we are accredited by the MICT SETA. Our state-of-the-art computer lab is situated close to the Sandton CBD.

KTI is fully accredited with MICT-SETA to offer career path development and skills progression training to corporate companies and individuals on a full time and part time basis. KTI is an institution for Skill Development (SD), and Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) solutions in South Africa, we have contributed towards sustainable and meaningful socio-economic change within various communities in Gauteng.


Our vision is to create and enhance ICT skills and opportunities for both the employed and unemployed individuals,to ensure that South Africa becomes a HUB of Information and Communication Technology through facilities that are local based so as to encourage innovative crearivity among youth.


To provide information and communication technology,through a training centre that is fully equipped with the latest and modern technology in the fun world of technology by making it easeier,accessible and user friendley for the people of South Africa.


To ensure that all people of this country occupy the world of ICT through a training centre ,that is locally accessible to bridge the gap between urban and rural space.This shall ensure that all locals from school children up to parents are accustomed to the world of ICT,so as to stay with technological trends within their backyards


While the project focuses on developing the ICT skills, our ultimate beneficiaries aren’t restricted to the youth, we also cater for employed, unemployed, disabled individuals and corporate companies through gaining skills that create better employment opportunities and ability to fully communicate in the ICT lingua franca.